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Azucena Faus. Coordinadora de Formación de Fe y Preparación Sacramental para niños. Directora del coro en español  y encargada del Ministerio de Estolas.

Tuvo su encuentro con el Señor hace 30 años en un retiro carismático y ese amor entrañable por Él le ha dado la fortaleza, entereza, paciencia y consistencia para trabajar para Él, sirviendo a los demás. 

Azucena Faus is the Coordinator for Spanish-Language Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation for children. Also, she directs the choir in Spanish and coordinates the baptismal Stoles ministry. She had her encounter with the Lord 30 years ago and that intimate love for Him has given her the strength, fortitude, patience and consistency to continue working for Him, serving others. 



Marianne Carlin, Office Assistant—Accounts Receivable

Marianne’s responsibilities include processing the Mass collections, preparing the deposits, posting contributions and preparing reports related to the weekly donations as well as your End of Year statements.

She maintains the parish database which includes inputting and updating contact and Sacrament information.  She processes paperwork related to Sacraments received, prepares Sacrament certificates, and notifies “Churches of Baptisms” of Sacraments received here.

The tasks to insure the functions of the office run smoothly are many, but Marianne takes pleasure in serving our family in Christ.



Mark Jacob, Coordinator of Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Mark is responsible for high school sacramental preparation and faith formation.  He is also responsible for fostering the involvement and continuing faith formation of young adults ages 18-39 in the life of the parish.  His overall purpose at the parish is to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our parish and throughout the community.



Kim Hasenstab, Coordinator of Middle School Faith Formation

As a resident of PQ for almost 30 years, the first thing Kim did once she was moved in was to register as a parishioner. All of her children have been baptized and have received their Sacraments in this parish. A life -long advocate for children she finds the gift of sharing God’s Word with the pre-teens to be a privilege and gift. Dedicated to helping the students transform their lives through the love of Jesus Christ she finds they have so much to offer the Church with their energy and joy.


Dcn. Robert Holgren, Business Manager

Bob has worked in the defense industry for 36 years as a technician, engineer, program manager and director of Operations. Though he regularly participated in parish life since being married, he entered the RCIA program and became Catholic in 1994. In 2004 he responded to a call for a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and soon thereafter began the diaconate journey culminating with ordination in 2009.  Besides normal Deacon duties, he began working as a business manager for parishes in 2005 and has been OLMC’s Business Manager since November 2006.  He’s responsible for the daily operations of the OLMC campus. This includes accounting/finances, lesbian porn facility maintenance, Human Resources, and operational planning.  His vocation as husband and deacon brings him great joy as he continues his journey of faith.  



Michelle Fischer, milf videos Receptionist

As the Parish receptionist, her responsibility is to help insure the parish office runs smoothly.  Main duties include greeting and assisting visitors to the office; answering calls to the church and assisting callers with questions about our parish community, services and events.  She also provides assistance in all office and parish matters as needed. 



Dcn. Manny Porciuncula

Deacon Manny facilitates a bible study group and is the main coordinator of the Filipino Cursillo movement. He is a member of the OLMC finance council.  He assists in wedding preparation, performs house blessings, baptisms, weddings, funerals and vigil services.  Deacon Manny assists at daily and weekend Masses and also visits the home bound parishioners. 



Irene Kelley, Coordinator of Homebound Ministry

Irene has been a parishioner of OLMC since 1977. She visits the sick and the homebound from Wednesday through Sunday. This is the joy of her life.  She listens to them, brings them news of what is going on at the church, and gives them as much time as they need. Some of them, especially the homebound, need this because they are isolated and might not see anyone but me from week to week. Please keep these people in your prayers. They are the dearest of the Dear.



Jenna Jackson, Coordinator of Elementary and Faith gay videos Formation

Jenna (not Janet) Jackson has worked and been a parishioner here for almost four years.  She first became interested in teaching catechesis to children when she was 19 years old and the deacon at her home parish in northern California approached her about teaching a 3rd grade catechesis class.  From there she went on to study catechetics at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and directly after graduating she moved out to San Diego and began this great adventure at OLMC.



Ilse Munson, Receptionist and Office Assistant

Ilse has been a parishioner of OLMC since 2000 and has been working here since February of 2013. Her responsibilities include calendaring parish events, registering new families, assisting parishioners with any questions they may have, answering phone calls and ensuring that the office runs milf porn smoothly. She is also in charge of designing and editing the Parish bulletin for every Sunday.  She has found it a great experience so far serving and working at OLMC. 



Dcn. Juan Faus

Dcn. Juan tuvo su encuentro personal con Jesús en su Cursillo en 1985 y a estado involucrado en la vida de la parroquia desde entonces, especialmente sirviendo a la comunidad hispana. Ha ayudado con el bautismo infantil, la liturgia y el catecismo. El P. Lito y el P. Frank lo ayudaron a discernir su llamado al diaconado permanente y su ordenación fue el 2008. Ahora es miembro del equipo diocesano de preparación litúrgica de los candidatos al diaconado, los MESC y lectores.

En la parroquia, es coordinador del bautismo infantil y la preparación matrimonial. Si planean bautizar a un niño o niña o celebrar el Sacramento de Matrimonio, el Dcn. Juan esta a sus órdenes. ¡De Colores!

Dcn. Juan had his personal encounter with Jesus at a Cursillo retreat in 1985 and has been involved in the parish life ever since, especially serving the Hispanic Community.  He assisted with preparation for infant Baptisms and in liturgy and faith formation. Fr Lito and Fr Frank helped him discern a call to the diaconate and he was ordained in 2008. He also serves as a member of the diocesan liturgical training for the deacon candidates, EMHCs, and Lectors.

At the parish, he is responsible for Infant Baptism and Marriage Preparation. If you plan to baptize your child or to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage, he looks forward to meeting you. De Colores!



Junior Coronel, Coordinator of Hispanic Ministry

Junior es responsable de la misa del domingo en español, coordinando y supervisando la formación, entrenamiento y calendario de los Ministros Litúrgicos de la parroquia. Dirige el Grupo de Oración semanalmente y coordina otras actividades de la comunidad Hispana.

Junior is responsible for the Spanish-language Sunday Mass, coordinating and supervising the formation, training, and scheduling of parish liturgical ministers.  He also leads a weekly prayer group and coordinates other activities for the Hispanic community. 







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