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Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Middle School Faith Formation

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Advent Magi Project


December 11, 2014

6:30 pm


Please bring a gift for a baby or child. Gifts will be donated to Life Choices.

Ideas for gifts: diapers (any size), formula, clothing 3 months to 4 Toddlers, toys, etc.



Grade 8 Parent Resources


Theology of the Body for Middle School: Parent’s Information

Chapter 5: Sex, Love and Chastity

“We must never forget that only when love between

Human beings is put to the test

Can its true value be seen?”

–Saint John Paul II

In the previous four chapters, we set forth a comprehensive, foundation approach to what I means to be human and how to act.  Now, we will delve deeply into the issue of sexuality.  Your child will now explore the meaning of sex and its relationship to marriage as well as the following:

  • Consider why there are two genders, their equality and complementarity.
  • Consider how gender identity as man or woman affects the question, “Who am I?”
  • Consider the meaning of sexual identity in light of Adam and Eve’s original experience.
  • Consider how the principle of selfishness vs. self-gift applies to sexuality.
  • Apply the truths about the language of the body and Jesus’ standard for truly human behavior to sexuality.
  • Determine that chastity is a positive virtue of sexual purity, not merely the practice of abstinence, and that lust is a vice.
  • Understand how chastity gives us freedom in our relationships to truly love and fulfill our intended purpose.

“God is love, and he who abides in love

 Abides in God, and God in him. “

-1 John 4:16

Questions for your Middle Schooler:

  1. 1.What do you think about the term the “language of the body” regarding sex?  Does it make sense to you?
  2. 2.It is normal for people your age to deal with sexual desires. God invented sexual desire, so it must be good. This does not mean, however, that it is easy to direct it in awkwardness or struggles of you and your peers to direct sexual desires in a good way?
  3. 3.Would you like to share about someone you might be attracted to in your class? Why do you think he or she is cute?  (Even if your child does not entertain this question, they will begin to understand that discussing attractions and desires is a good thing in your eyes, not something bad or to be avoided.)
  4. 4.What do you think was the most important thing you learned from this chapter?

Family Application:

  1. 1.TV Talk: Whenever you watch TV together with your child, be intentional about defending the beauty of God’s plan for us whenever the body, sex or marriage is made fun of or denigrated. Even during a family show or a sporting event, there are often commercials that offer you an excellent teachingRather than shifting uncomfortably and rolling your eyes point out to your middle schooler the emptiness of the “bad example” (whatever it may be) and reassure him or her of the great truths of our God and Catholic faith. When a show is blatantly offensive, there is no more powerful statement than turning it off, discussing your reasons for this, and holding firm to that decision even if you middle schooler is upset and argues. Deep down, your son or daughter will respect the fact that you stand for something and are willing discuss it with them, even if he or she doesn’t agree at the moment.  Lastly, be sure to praise the media when they represent the body, sex, and marriage with proper respect.  This will remind your child that you are not out to spoil his or her fun, but to help him or her stay on the right track.
  2. 2.Heart – to – Heart: Have a “Heart-to-Heart” Night. Suggested topic this month: Why does God give sexual desire? To point us toward our desire for union with him, to unite us in love that brings forth more life, to give us a foretaste of our ultimate union withWhat are ways for those who are not married to work through sexual desire in a loving, non-selfish, wholesome way?  Prayer, strong friendships, healthy interests, and activities such as sports and music; frequent reception of the sacraments of the Eucharist and reconciliation. 
  3. 3.Story Time: in story form, and without judgment, share with your son or daughter some of the bad sexual choices that a friend, colleague or family member wentPick a story of someone they would not be tempted to judge.  Explain all the ramifications.

Sharing the story of someone your son or daughter does not know can be prudent, as opposed to sharing a story about their Uncle Tom or family friend Mrs. Smith.  Otherwise, you may be setting up an awkward moment at the next major family function or at the supermarket.  Taking care not to scandalize anyone in this process is also a witness from which your child will learn.

Finally, tell a story of a saint (or some other virtuous person) who sacrificed and resisted temptation- and the happiness he or she experienced later due to their faithfulness.


Recommendations for Further Study

For your child:

  • Pure Love, Pure Manhood, Pure Womanhood (small booklets) by Jason and Crystalina Evert
  • If you Loved Me: 100 Questions on Dating, Relationships and Sexual Purity by Jason Evert

For your own personal growth:

  • Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher Wes
  • How to Teach Teens the Theology of the Body by Monica Ashour
  • How to Talk to Your Teen about Chastity by Jason Evert
  • Discovering the Feminine Genius by Katrina Zeno


Contact: Kim Hasenstab (858) 484-1070 Ext. 310 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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